Responsive Websites for Entrepreneurs

There are lots of tools and platforms these days making it easier than ever for small businesses to create a cross-platform digital presence. However, the abundance of tools can be overwhelming for a non-expert, and most out-of-the-box solutions are disappointing. I help people to choose the right solution for their needs, and to make their business really stand out.

I worked with several entrepreneurs in 2014 who wanted professional quality responsive web sites, so that their customers could connect with them easily on any platform. I suggested the WordPress platform for easy content management, and created custom themes to reflect their brands. Every page was carefully designed to look good regardless of screen size.

Vanessa Bortnick Communications

Responsive Design for Vanessa Bortnick Communications

The Privacy Guru

Responsive Design for The Privacy Guru

Lazkano Painting

Responsive Design for Lazkano Painting

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NOAA Sea Ice Index Website

I transformed NOAA’s Sea Ice Index website into a visual interface for exploring sea ice data.

For more about this project, see Case Study: NOAA Sea Ice Index. You can also learn more about my work for NOAA, or see more of my design work in my Design Portfolio.

NOAA Sea Ice Index web site
NOAA Sea Ice Index website

Annotated wireframe for NOAA Sea Ice Index
Annotated wireframe for NOAA Sea Ice Index

Sketch of Sea Ice Index User Interface elements
Sketch of Sea Ice Index User Interface elements

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On the IKEA “in-store” experience

The IKEA business model has its good and bad points. Their modular furniture design saves on packaging material and shipping costs, and results in lower cost to the consumer. Overall the quality of their products for the price is very good. However, I want to talk about the IKEA “in-store” experience. If you’ve never been to an IKEA store, I wouldn’t recommend it. Continue reading

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Propellerhead makes a proper entry to the Apps market with Figure

Propellerhead Software, the company behind the legendary music production software Reason, entered the mobile App market earlier in 2012 by releasing Re-Birth for iPhone and iPad. I wrote a brief critique of that product, with which I was very disappointed. However, Propellerhead’s new app called Figure is very intuitive, fun, and accessible. Continue reading

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Music, Art, and Innovations in UI/UX Design

Electronic music and digital art have often come together to produce innovations in UI/UX design. Lately I’ve come across some really good examples of this. Continue reading

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How NOT to succeed with Mobile/Tablet Apps

Are you planning to take a successful software (or web) application and make it available on the iPhone and/or iPad? Well, here’s one sure way to fail: do almost nothing to change your application, just make it smaller! This is obvious, you will say, but many companies do it. Continue reading

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On the Meaning and Importance of “User Experience”

“So, what do you do?”

This is a question everyone both asks and receives in social situations. If you work in a very specialized field, such as User Experience Design, that can lead to an interesting conversation.

Continue reading

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